Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in the swing of things

After our Thanksgiving break, students are jumping right into our activities in the LMC.
Kindergarten is beginning an author study of Karma Wilson and listened to her story Bear Snores On. Ms. Wilson has written many wonderful stories about the Bear, and we will be reading and doing activities over the next two weeks.

First Grade will listen to the book, Too Many Toys by David Shannon. They will use their imaginations and discuss how to turn an everyday object into a toy and then draw a digital picture and write a description of a toy they could create out of something they have at home. Socks, bottle caps, spools of thread, cardboard boxes and more will get a second life as a toy from our creative 1st graders!

Second Grade will fly all over the United States using Google Earth. They will visit many of the landmarks that they researched and look at the photos that tourists have posted there.

Third Grade teachers will be leading the way using Animation-ish with their students. Students will illustrate and animate a model of light.

Fourth Grade will be introduced to our eBook collection and how to use it. They can access our eBooks from home and school, so if they don't have a book at home to read, just log on!

Fourth graders are also wrapping up their American Indian projects, thinking about and showing what adaptations the tribe they researched would need to make if they moved to a different geographical region to live.

Fifth Grade will be exploring Internet Safety using the District 25 Internet Safety website.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Link to the 5th grade American Revolution: 2 Perspectives

Take a look at the Project Wrap-Up for the American Revolution research projects:

Fifth grade students discussed the research process, their final projects, and the importance of thinking and learning about more than one perspective. Enjoy this insight into their learning!